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We are pleased to announce the progress of work under the ccFOUND.com project.
Since mid-April, we have intensified our work in every area, and our team already consists of 26 people.
Progress of work under the ccFOUND.com project
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We are pleased to announce the progress of work under the ccFOUND.com project. Since mid-April, we have intensified our work in every area, and our team already consists of 26 people. Work on the product is progressing so that the MVP version will be presented at the turn of Q3 and Q4 this year. Most importantly, however, we decided on the date of the ICO. The process will start on June 18, 2021 and will last until March 31, 2022. To make the most of this period, we are currently working intensively on a marketing communication strategy that supports the issuance process. Below we present a detailed progress report in all areas.


In recent weeks, we have focused primarily on preparing our token contracts to be launched on the production network (Mainnet BSC). We have also prepared environments for the launch of the ICO. We conduct recruitment activities on an ongoing basis – we want to reach young and average experienced people. We will provide them with knowledge and a development strategy for both our product and their careers. Most important achievements in the recent period:

  1. We completed the contract source code audit.
  2. We are in the process of implementing new views and functionalities in the user and administrator panel, which will soon allow us to resume logging in and registering new users on the ICO website.
  3. We finished the implementation of the new website layout.
  4. We completed most of the functionalities required during the ICO process.
  5. We started work on the implementation of the user’s KYC external verification system on the ICO website.
  6. We tested the functioning of the auction, airdrop calculation and the affiliate program.
  7. We developed and designed integration of the MetaMask wallet with the ICO platform. This will allow for quick, transparent and direct payment of auctions during the ICO. We are in the process of implementing this solution.
  8. We prepared a server environment in Google Cloud Platform for our MVP version of the portal.
  9. We built in the paid question mechanism in the ccFOUND.com Portal based on FOUND Coin.
  10. We developed and designed a decentralized user reputation process.
  11. We made a test environment using Ethereum layer 2 in order to significantly reduce the transaction costs within the portal.
  12. We analyzed selected tools for creating the ccFOUND.com Portal. Based on the analysis report, we chose React JS as the frontend framework, which allowed us to:
    1. plan further processes of building the view of the ccFOUND.com portal,
    2. select tools for building and expanding the system design,
    3. select components that make up each separate view.
  13. We are constantly designing new views of the portal.


  1. Micro site ccFOUND.com
    1. An ICO website and connected analytical tools to it were published.
  2. Advertising campaign
    1. A database of websites with which we plan to establish advertising cooperation (display advertising) was created,
    2. A media plan for the advertising campaign was created and approved,
    3. The database of ICO listing services was created and updated on an ongoing basis.
  3. Creation
    1. The creation of the advertising campaign in the display format was prepared,
    2. Work has begun on creating the so-called explainer video,
    3. A full ccFOUND.com visual identity and templates for all company materials was created.
  4. Social media:
    1. A posting calendar and started regular communication on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) was created,
    2. A strategy for promoting posts on Facebook was developed and an advertising campaign was launched,
    3. The ccFOUND.com profile on LinkedIn was developed (regular publication and promotion of posts),
    4. Real Time Marketing (RTM) activities on Twitter were started,
    5. A strategy for Reddit was created,
    6. A Bounty Campaign on social media was planned and will be launched in June.
  5. PR activities:
    1. A database with influencers was created, contacts were established,
    2. Piotr Michalak’s interviews with influencers on Youtube were organized,
    3. A detailed strategy for PR and IR activities was prepared,
    4. A ccFOUND.com a blog was launched,
    5. A content marketing strategy was prepared,
    6. An online press office (in cooperation with Prowly) was set.

Recruitment processes:

  1. We completed another 3 recruitment processes. They following people joined the ccFOUND.com team:
    1. Beata Jakimiak as an HR & Administration Specialist,
    2. Karolina Szapiro as a PR Manager,
    3. Joanna Rybak as a Creative Graphic Artist,
    4. Paweł Chojecki as an Internal Lawyer,
    5. Weronika Kuptel as a Community Manager.
  2. We are still looking for people for the IT team. We want to attract not only people with experience, but most of all enthusiasts who would like to develop ccFOUND.com with us. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:
    1. Senior .Net Developer,
    2. Senior Java Developer,
    3. DevOps Engineer.
  3. The ccFOUND.com team currently consists of 26 people.

Advisory Board:

They following people started working with ccFOUND.com as advisors:

  1. Erika Oley-Lundberg – a journalist, businesswoman and investor with many years of experience in the international environment, concentrated on education, new media, healthcare and FMCG sectors. A graduate of Tufts University, she holds an Executive MBA title.
  2. Paweł Sobków – has many years of experience in the capital market; specializes in IPO and M&A transactions. He was the vice president of the Roleski company, and in the years 2006-2008 he was a member of the management board of Ruch. From 2018 to 2020, the president of Pinewood Holdings Ltd, the operator of the BitBay cryptocurrency exchange. One of the founders of the VC Inovo Capital fund. He operates in the sectors of new technologies, finance and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Tomasz Braun – doctor of law and attorney-at-law. He was a member of the management board of GE Money and HSBC banks. He was also a partner in the international law firm Dentons. Currently the Deputy Rector for International Cooperation at the Lazarski University.
  4. Artur Holzwert – advisor with many years of experience in the field of STO and ICO; focused on the innovation and new technologies sector.

Finance and administration:

  1. At the meeting of the company’s management board, we decided to change the name of CC Token to FOUND Coin. This is the result of the creation of the CC Token by another Korean company. Therefore, we have modified the Whitepaper, Twopager and all other documents.
  2. We increased the number of FOUND Coins x20 and lowered the minimum price to $ 0.05 – we made this offer to our investors. Investors unanimously voted YES.
  3. We conducted several interviews and negotiations with external service providers of automated KYC user verification tools. We have started cooperation with Ondato, which will significantly speed up and streamline the user verification process.
  4. We registered a foreign company CCFOUND EDUCATION & TRAINING COMPUTER SOFTWARE and opened a bank account for this company, which will enable us to reach customers from all over the world and solve a number of problems.
  5. We started the processes of implementing payment processors that will service foreign companies.
  6. We fully implemented the SALDEO system to manage the circulation of documents and financial documentation of companies.
  7. We started cooperation with a tax advisor and a new tax office that will keep accounting and HR matters.
  8. Contract templates and cooperation procedures are created on an ongoing basis in the scope of campaigns implemented by the marketing department: contract with the Bounty Manager, Community Managers, subcontractors of programming and graphic works.
  9. Currently, the legal department is working on fine-tuning of the procedures and documents (KYC, AML, GDPR) before the start of the ICO.

We also want to draw your attention to the issue of cybersecurity, connected with the potential risk of scam and phishing. CcFOUND.com employees do not initiate conversations, do not ask for private information or access to sensitive data. The only way of contact is by email with the ccfound.com domain.

Thank you for your attention,

ccFOUND.com Board

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